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$ 21 000
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Training of soldiers and first responders in Ukraine

Dalibor Dedek
Dalibor Dědek is a Czech businessman, and the benefactor and co-owner of the Jablotron group of companies. After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, he founded the #wemustact initiative and the #giftforputin project

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We train soldiers, civilians and rescue workers in Ukraine in combat medical science, where life or death is decided in seconds. We are also training soldiers in other tactical skills so they can send the Russian hordes where they belong. When the situation is at its worst, we also fly to the battle lines to take and treat the wounded. We work all over Ukraine. Our instructors have already received the "Patriot of Ukraine" award for this work. In order to continue our work, we need your help.

About the Phoenix Project

Experienced Czech instructors with experience from foreign missions are behind the project. In cooperation with the Czechs in Ukraine project and humanitarian organizations Perun and Team4Ukraine, they travel around Ukraine and help keep as many people alive as possible. During their time there, they have trained over 2,500 people in health, shooting and tactical skills. On their last trip to Bakhmut alone, the team managed to take over 40 wounded from the battle line. We have had feedback that people trained by us have been able to save more lives and some of them are passing on their experience to others as instructors. So Phoenix Tears is truly healing and helping.

The purpose of fundraising

The purpose of the fundraiser is to fund the operation of two teams to handle the next monthly outing. There is a lot of interest in our help. Ukraine has a shortage of approximately 5,000 instructors and the Czech Phoenix is one of the few teams that also operates on the Line of Contact. We train volunteers and rescue workers as well as elite combat units.

The Russian regime does not value the lives of its soldiers, but we believe that every life is precious.

Our work makes a real difference in saving lives and keeping Ukrainians in good fighting condition. Together we will win.

What can we do with the money we raise?

For this amount we will send a team of two vehicles to Ukraine for 1 month.

We will train approximately 400 - 500 people in combat medical science.
We will train approximately 400 to 500 people in small unit tactics.
We will treat and save up to several dozen lives.

Crew composition is always an instructor and his assistant and a driver/interpreter. In addition, the second vehicle will have a new Czech medic and drone operator to help track down the wounded at the sites of shelling and provide Phoenix with search eyes wherever there is a risk of stepping on a racist.

Most of the funds will be used for two older but good quality 4x4 SUVs, servicing the vehicles and fuel. Unfortunately, the cars here only last an average of 20,000 miles in service (if they're lucky) and Ukraine is a huge country. Only one car out of three survived the last mission. Another part will be used to buy medical supplies. Ten percent of the amount will be used to provide the basic necessities of life for the team.

Purchase of 2 4X4 SUVs: 240 000 CZK.
Vehicle servicing: 60 000 CZK.
Fuel: 100 000 CZK.
Medical supplies: 50 000 CZK.
Provision of life functions of the team: 50 000 CZK

And something extra

Within the framework of this mission, we may be able to create a new operational base for Czech volunteers operating in Ukraine and expand our work there with additional specialists


Every campaign that you can find on the Weapons for Ukraine website is thoroughly verified in several ways. First of all, we check the guarantor of the campaign. The guarantor must personally vouch for the truthfulness of the information, meet us personally and prove their identity. We then verify the purpose of the campaign and manually verify that the aid recipient is an existing unit that trusts the guarantor and that it really needs the equipment for which the campaign raises funds. In the case of weapons or weapon systems, the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and the Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic also carry out an examination of their necessity and usefulness.